Our Mission

Here at Lovely Essentials we believe in Self-Love. To get there, you need to practice Self-Care on the daily including, the words you tell yourself, the things you do, and the things you use. We are here to give you your dose of inspiration and motivation to practice Self-Care on the daily. You can expect a beautiful item handmade with sustainable and quality ingredients. We have Candles, Soaps, and coming soon you can expect body butters, lotions, oils and serums.

We will always aim to have our products be Vegan, Toxin Free, phthalate free, and work at being as Environmentally Conscious as possible. We will always ensure we are choosing the best options for our packaging and products. All items are handmade in small batches in Utica, NY. 

Please note: The decision to become more environmentally aware was first brought up the summer of 2020 after some packaging were already purchased. Once our supplies end we will be focusing on a better selection.