About Us

Lovely Essentials is a one woman show for now. Created and manifested by me. All my life I've always spent researching and learning more about self-love and learning ways to work on myself. While I classify myself as shy and an introvert, I always enjoy helping others. I created Lovely Essentials because I wanted to share my passion for crafting, self-love and self-care with the rest of the world.

Lovely Essentials started in November 2020 with the goal to help others learn to prioritize their body. You can find us online at our website and at our local farmers market in Utica, NY. We also participate in many events/markets that happen around the year. Sign up to our newsletter to find out where we are next. 

A little bit about the owner? My name is Vielitza. You can also call me V. I am 29 years old. I was born in the United States and my parents are from Dominican Republic. Si, tambien hablamos español ;). When I am not working on my business you can find me online, playing video games, watching movies, and reading fanfiction books. I have two fur children. A dog named Oreo and a cat named Liam.