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Herbs and Crystal infused self-care products to raise your vibrations and help manifest your dream life.

What is vibrational energy? Let me start off by saying that everyone has different believes. Here at Lovely Essentials, we believe that we (human beings) are a living energy field that can be raised and lowered by just the tasks you do and the things you think. The sky is the limit. Raising your vibration should be something you're always aiming for. Positive thinking, acts of self-care, and love.

How self-care helps you raise your vibrations? Self-care is meant to increase your mood and feeling. It's a rare feeling to take a shower, use your favorite scented soap and come out feeling worse. 

What is Manifestation? It has many definitions but it can be the act of claiming something as yours. What you focus on is what becomes. If you're feeling down and thinking negative, it's likely that life will continue as such. This is why raising your vibrations by practicing self-care can help you manifest your dream life. 

Are you stuck in a rut? Feeling down? Feeling sad? Feeling dissatisfied? Low self-esteem? Lack of self-care? No self-love?

This is why we are here. Here at Lovely Essentials we show you the tools you need to work on yourself, practice self0care and raise your vibrations so you can start focusing on feeling better and manifesting your dream life.